Warped Childhood Nostalgia

  • Cat

    I want a pedigree cat instead of a baby because it's more expensive.

  • Parasites

    Professor Foxtrot proves the power of parasites, from flesh-burrowing maggots to tongue-eating lice.

  • Ultramechatron Team Start!

    After botching a fight with Baby Boomer, Brody tries to prove he's more than just "The Party Dude."

  • First Day

    Welcome to Camp Wanaykaka, where the kids have fun and counselors hook up.

  • Dora the Explorer and the Destiny Medallion Pt. 1

    Playtime is over for Dora in CollegeHumor's 3-part adventure series.

  • Forcefield

    In intergalactic war, there are heroes, villains, and these guys.