Fatal Decision

Fatal Decision

2 Seasons

Zach Reino plays IT guy Josh Mullens playing Special Ops Agent Jack Maxwell on an action-gun-packed mission to save pizza, America, and your ass, on company time.

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Fatal Decision
  • Hostage Situation

    Episode 1

    Jack saves his most high-end hostages yet.

  • Death by Pizza

    Episode 2

    Things are heating up with Jack Maxwell.

  • The Great Jack Hunt

    Episode 3

    A mysterious Baron (Eric Roberts) hunts the world's deadliest animal: Jack Maxwell.

  • Hot Licks and Cool Kicks

    Episode 4

    Rock 'n' roll forever. Or else.

  • Raging Jack

    Episode 5

    Jack Maxwell has to go the distance.

  • Internal Affairs

    Episode 6

    Something's rotten in the SCIA.

  • What Happens If You Body Swap

    Episode 7

    Jack Maxwell and his sidekick Taylor swap bodies under a gypsy curse.

  • Jack on Trial

    Episode 8

    The Super CIA Superior Court (led by Tom Sizemore) puts Jack Maxwell on trial.

  • Freefall
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    Two unstoppable forces, Jack Maxwell and gravity, team up to defeat a parachuting Cosmonaut.

  • Undercover Family

    Episode 10

    Jack and Taylor go undercover as a husband and wife to catch a pair of drug dealers.

  • Space Gladiator

    Episode 11

    An evil Space Emperor (Geoffrey Arend) summons Jack Maxwell to a space tournament.

  • Taylor Unlocked

    Episode 12

    Jack has to stop a brainwashed Taylor from killing his favorite party rapper, Sizzle Brookstone.

  • Christmas Special

    Episode 13

    It's a very Jack Maxwell Christmas.

  • Scientifically Accurate Episode

    Episode 14

    Jack gets all mixed up in a teleportation machine.

  • Robot Training Day

    Episode 15

    Jack trains a new police robot.

  • Rastanana Partner

    Episode 16

    It's the return of the Rastanana.

  • Colt Maxwell

    Episode 17

    How the West was Maxwelled.

  • Faces Off
    Episode 18

    Faces Off

    Episode 18

    Jack awakes to find his face has been replaced with Drake Noir's.

  • Villain's Roost

    Episode 19

    Remember Jack's dead sister? So does Jack and now he's on her killer's trail.

  • Jack Gone Rogue

    Episode 20

    There comes a time in every agent's life when he has to go rogue.

  • Fatal Hospital

    Episode 21

    Saving lives, breaking hearts.

  • Copter Down
    Episode 22

    Copter Down

    Episode 22

    The newly unemployed Josh Mullen shoots a Fatal Decision episode from home on his cellphone.

  • Jack vs. The Asteroid

    Episode 23

    Jack must stop an asteroid even if it kills him.

  • Jack Goes to Hell

    Episode 24

    God (Horatio Sanz) sends Jack to Hell to whip Satan (Chris Parnell) into shape.