Fatal Decision

Fatal Decision

2 Seasons

Zach Reino plays IT guy Josh Mullens playing Special Ops Agent Jack Maxwell on an action-gun-packed mission to save pizza, America, and your ass, on company time.

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Fatal Decision
  • Get Ratchet

    Episode 1

    Jack Maxwell is back in action, and the only thing deader than his sister, will be the bad guys who killed her.

  • Captured
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Jack Maxwell is captured by his arch-nemesis, Drake Noir.

  • Bad Guy Bank

    Episode 3

    Agent Maxwell breaks the bank.

  • Illegal Street Racing

    Episode 4

    It's quarter mile justice!

  • Operation Birthday Cake

    Episode 5

    Deep in the jungle, Jack Maxwell has to get rations (an office birthday cakes) to a starving population

  • Art Heist
    Episode 6

    Art Heist

    Episode 6

    Jack is on vacation in Paris when an art thief ransacks The Louvre.

  • K-9 Witness

    Episode 7

    When a dog witnesses a murder, Jack Maxwell is put on protection detail.

  • Mr. Bombastic

    Episode 8

    Diffusing bombs can be taxing.

  • Ghost Kid
    Episode 9

    Ghost Kid

    Episode 9

    Jack Maxwell is going to make this creepy child ghost wish it were deader.

  • License to Kill Renewal

    Episode 10

    Jack Maxwell must renew his license to kill before it's too late.

  • Miss Most Beautiful

    Episode 11

    Hearts will explode.

  • Vent Horizon

    Episode 12

    Stopping the terrorists puts Jack in a tight spot

  • Perfect Partners... Until Death

    Episode 13

    Jack Maxwell and Hank Lasso are surprised to discover they make perfect partners.

  • Office Outbreak

    Episode 14

    Jack Maxwell must stop a deadly disease before it wipes out humanity.

  • Extreme Interrogation (with Christina Hendricks)

    Episode 15

    Jack has to interrogate terrorist agent Martha Nelp by the book. Unfortunately, she wrote that book.

  • Suicide Vest

    Episode 16

    Jack better not bomb on stage.

  • One Shot
    Episode 17

    One Shot

    Episode 17

    Josh Mullen tries to shoot an entire episode in one take.

  • War Stories
    Episode 18

    War Stories

    Episode 18

    Veterans reminisce about the greatest soldier in the history of history: Jack Maxwell.

  • I'm Too Old for This Sh*t

    Episode 19

    Jack Maxwell makes sure an agent retires, not expires.

  • Volcano Disaster at Rastanana Island

    Episode 20

    An active volcano threatens to ruin Jack's vacation.

  • Party Bus One

    Episode 21

    Protect the President at all costs.

  • How to Out a Rat

    Episode 22

    Time for some pest control!

  • Substitute Jack

    Episode 23

    Those who can't teach, kill.

  • Hope Diamond

    Episode 24

    Stolen diamond, stolener heart.