Drawga: The Web Series

Drawga: The Web Series

2 Seasons

Welcome to Drawfee's epic fantasy role playing series, where viewers help artists take a dumb adventure through even dumber drawings.

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Drawga: The Web Series
  • The Tavern of Many Names

    Episode 1

    Our quest across Fantasyville begins with a baby bartender, but can these heroes get a free drink?

  • Family Fun Center of Doom

    Episode 2

    The girls are greeted by a mysterious goblin with a curious proposition.

  • Back to the Lab - Pt. 1

    Episode 3

    The girls gear up at Old Baby Gus' Prize Grotto and share an unusual cab ride with Francis.

  • Back to the Lab Pt. 2

    Episode 4

    Pop some crotch-corn and watch the LBC distract an ogre through the power of Paul Blart theater.

  • Drawga - in the Lair of the Pear

    Episode 5

    While Francis tries to crack Daryl's computer, the ladies explore his cavernous laboratory.

  • Drawga - The Inside Job

    Episode 6

    Can our lowbrow adventurers survive this high-tech Tron con?

  • Dawn of D.E.N.N.I.S.

    Episode 7

    Finally in Darryl's private lab, the Ladies Book Club is confronted by a formidable shapeshifter.

  • Drawga - Dream Dates with Destiny

    Episode 8

    Each member of the Ladies Book Club must go on their dream date with a shapeshifting monster.

  • Leveling Up Pt. 1

    Episode 9

    The members of the Ladies Book Club level up and revamp their looks to unlock their full potentials.

  • Leveling Up Part 2: Face Drawff

    Episode 10

    The members of the Ladies Book Club return to the Hungry Goat to interrogate Old Baby Gus.

  • Mall Crawl
    Episode 11

    Mall Crawl

    Episode 11

    The members of the Ladies Book Club grow ever closer to finding Darryl's murderer.

  • Mall Brawl
    Episode 12

    Mall Brawl

    Episode 12

    Things get bananas when the Ladies Book Club develops random superpowers like explosive vision.

  • Drawga LIVE! @ New York Comic Con

    Episode 13

    Nathan, Jacob, Julia, & Karina do Drawga LIVE, introducing fast travel and a new feline friend.

  • Monster Duels

    Episode 14

    The LBC battles monsters from the Wiley Woods, from a menacing stump to a big boi Pikachu.

  • Rise of the Devourer

    Episode 15

    To save their world, the LBC must lull a classic Drawfee character to sleep.

  • The Other Side

    Episode 16

    The LBC does their very best to convince the almighty Bingus their world is worth saving.