8 Episodes

In this bigger, bolder, and sillier version of Drawfee's fantasy RPG, the Ladies Book Club (Legzi, Ryjinah, and Rah’oxah) return for freshly drawn adventures.

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  • Drawga Trailer

    Episode 1

    Led by Drawing Master Caldwell Tanner in the new realm of Somewherica, Dungeons & Drawfee is back!

  • Orc Hard, Play Hard

    Episode 2

    Legzi, Ryjinah, and Rah’oxah reunite in the gym to help a swole ghost with unfinished business.

  • Operation Cat Extract (With Elyse Willems)

    Episode 3

    Catgoddess99 turns to the ladies for help rescuing her cats from the biggest tree in Somewherica.

  • Triple Quest Trials

    Episode 4

    The LBC embarks on individual quests that include helping the elderly & drawing with drunk goggles.

  • The Mixer (With Sungwon Cho)

    Episode 5

    A swanky party with ultra-rich Al Pihs takes a dark turn for the LBC. Will they survive the night?

  • Monster Beach (With Rekha Shankar)

    Episode 6

    At the Beast Coast, the ladies help an odd villager fight the monsters that snatched her family.

  • Artificial Intelligence (With Zac Oyama)

    Episode 7

    The ladies team up with all-knowing A.I. at the Questly HQ on a mission to find the missing CEO.

  • Verified!

    Episode 8

    The LBC finally achieves verified status on the Questly app, but at what cost?